McDermott Construction specializes in remediation problems and offers a comprehensive set of solutions for stucco, water, and failed basement issues. We have the knowledge and ability to undertake all aspects of your required repairs. We work closely with a variety of engineers, environmental and structural, moisture inspectors, environmental scientists, diagnostic experts, and architects.

partial exterior remodel consists of identifying and repairing damaged areas, windows doors, rotting wood and other compromised materials. These are then removed from the home, new flashings and drainage mats are installed, and the original home finish is then re-applied.

In a complete exterior remodel, all stucco is removed from the home and repairs are made to walls and windows. Also, all rotting wood, drywall, etc. is removed. Typically, James Hardie fiber cement board siding is reinstalled and a masonry finish is added to the front of the home or as required by homeowner.

Contact us if you are having a problem with moisture infiltration, stucco failure, or any other structural or environmental problem, have it looked at earlier rather later. Our years of experience will make sure you only pay for the correct solution.

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